How to Remove a Directory in Linux?

Different methods are used to remove a directory in Linux. This article will discuss the possible methods to delete the directory using the terminal and Graphical User Interface methods. How to Remove a Directory in Linux? The directory stores the files, which can be empty or have files. To Linux directory is removed by following […]

How to Delete Files in Linux?

We need to delete the files in Linux to free up space. While deleting a file, we have several restrictions, such as deleting files with showing a confirmation prompt, deleting password-protected files, or removing all files from a directory which will be discussed in this article. How to Delete Files in Linux? Command Line and […]

How to Kill Process in Linux? | Explained with Examples

Several processes are running simultaneously in the daemons of Linux, which we want to kill. Most of the time, we must be aware of the processes running in the daemons that use the computer’s RAM. We can stop these processes by killing them in Linux. In this blog, different methods of killing the processes are […]

How to Add a User to Group in Linux?

Several users in a group can have the same or different set of privileges. The users can be added or removed by the root user.  In this tutorial, the different scenarios of how to add a user to the group will be explained. First, discuss let’s discuss the types of groups in Linux. The groups […]

How to Change Hostname in Ubuntu 22.04

A hostname is a customized name assigned to a Linux machine for your device’s DNS (Domain Name System). Hostname differentiates your device from other devices in your local network. Do you want to change the hostname in Linux for a different server and don’t know how to change it? In this write-up, the methods to […]

Install Ubuntu 22.04 on VMware Workstation Pro

VMware is used to install for creating virtual machines within windows or Linux desktops. You can use Linux operating system on windows using VMware Workstation Pro. By the end of this guide, you will be able to install Ubuntu 22.04 on VMware Workstation Pro step-by-step with visual guides. Let’s start! How to Install Ubuntu 22.04 […]

How to Install Ubuntu 22.04 on VirtualBox

Ubuntu is the most useful and familiar distribution of Linux. Installing Linux in a VirtualBox gives you an option to use Linux as a virtual machine within windows. In this guide, we will discuss how to create a virtual machine and install Ubuntu 22.04 on it. How to Install Ubuntu 22.04 on VirtualBox? To install […]

Restart or Reboot Ubuntu 22.04 Using the Terminal

Restart or reboot Ubuntu 22.04 using the terminal by executing simple commands. It is well-known that Ubuntu is the Debian-based Linux distribution, so it can be managed by running different commands.  We have to restart Ubuntu, especially after installing some new packages. In this write-up, different commands will be explored by which Ubuntu can be […]