How to Uninstall a YUM Package: A Step-by-Step Guide

Powerful package management tools like the Yellowdog Updater, Modified (YUM) are frequently found in Linux distributions like CentOS and Fedora. The procedure for installing, updating, and deleting software items from your system is made simpler. As it helps to free up disk space and keep your system lean and effective, uninstalling unused software is an […]

What is LD_LIBRARY_PATH Used For? A Comprehensive Guide

Developers and system administrators frequently come across the word “LD_LIBRARY_PATH” when working with Linux-based systems. In the context of dynamic linking and shared libraries, this article seeks to clarify the relevance of LD_LIBRARY_PATH. What is the LD_LIBRARY_PATH? An environment variable called LD_LIBRARY_PATH is utilized by Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. It is essential to […]

What is an Arris Device: A Comprehensive Guide

It is crucial to have a dependable and effective internet connection in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Devices like Arris are useful in this situation. A variety of innovative networking equipment created and produced by Arris International, a preeminent technology company, are referred to as Arris devices. These gadgets are made to speed up home networks, […]