Restart or Reboot Ubuntu 22.04 Using the Terminal


Restart or reboot Ubuntu 22.04 using the terminal by executing simple commands. Ubuntu is Debian-based distribution and can be managed by running different commands.

We have to restart Ubuntu, especially after installing some new packages. In this write-up, different commands will be explored by which Ubuntu can be rebooted/restarted.

How to Restart/Reboot Ubuntu Using Terminal?

There are different command utilities by which Ubuntu can be restarted. These command utilities are:

  • Shutdown command utility
  • Reboot command utility
  • Systemctl command utility

The command utilities mentioned above have been explained step-by-step in the next sections of this write-up.

Method 1: How to Restart/Reboot Ubuntu using the Shutdown Command Utility

You should be amazed that the write-up is about Reboot then why the shutdown command utility is being discussed?

As the shutdown command utility is used to turn off the machine safely, it can also be used to restart it. There are different options of the shutdown command utility by which the machine switching can be managed.

Likewise, to restart or reboot Ubuntu, simply use the shutdown command utility with the “-r” option. This “-r” option is used to restart/reboot Ubuntu, and if you want to restart it instantly, use the command:

$ sudo shutdown -r --now

Ubuntu will be reboot immediatelyThe machine will be restarted instantly, but the machine can also be restart after some specified time. For this, run the command with the specified minutes; for example, if the machine is supposed to be run after 10 minutes, use the command:

$ sudo shutdown -r 10

Ubuntu will be shutdown after 10 minutes

The restart of Ubuntu is scheduled after ten minutes. But if any case, the plan of restarting the machine is changed, cancel the previously scheduled time using the command:

$ sudo shutdown -c

Shutdown condition will be canceled

This way, we can restart/reboot Ubuntu using the shutdown command utility.

Method 2: How to Restart/Reboot Ubuntu using the Reboot Command Utility

Another way to reboot or restart Ubuntu is using the reboot command utility. This command is simple to use; just run the command in the terminal:

$ sudo reboot

Ubuntu will be rebooted

The machine will reboot/ restart after executing the above command.

Method 3: How to Restart/Reboot Ubuntu using the systemctl Command Utility

Though the systemctl command utility is used to manage the services of Ubuntu. But it can also be used to restart/ reboot Ubuntu. For this purpose, use the restart option with the systemctl command shown below:

$ sudo systemctl restart

Ubuntu will be rebooted

The machine is rebooted by running the command mentioned above in the terminal.

That’s it from this guide.


To Restart/ Reboot Ubuntu using the terminal, run any of these commands. “sudo shutdown -r”, “sudo reboot”, or “sudo systemctl restart”. In this write-up, three different methods of restarting/rebooting Ubuntu using the terminal have been explained for Ubuntu 22.04.

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